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Please Be Aware: Due to Covid Screening & limited hours at this time, not all practitioners are accepting online booking, AND you must book at least 4 days ahead IF booking online.
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Holistic Life Coaching

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Holistic Life Coaching $65.00 - $120.00

How well does your life match up with your dreams of wellness, happiness, safety, joy, and freedom? Are there areas where you could feel more free, more purposeful, more supported? Coaching with Erin is a holistic experience as she draws on her training as a Registered Nurse, Yoga Teacher, Spiritual Director and business leader, as well as being a mother, wife and friend. Erin has spent her life studying ways to alleviate suffering and help people move toward wellness and radiant joy. Explore the possibilities for your life in this supportive and nourishing coaching relationship.

Drop in rate: $65 for 30 minute appointment $120 for an hour appointment
Monthly coaching program: $150 for one hour in person appointment and weekly 30 minute phone calls, with email support as needed (this option requires a three month commitment, paid in full at the start of service)


Holistic Counseling $65.00/hr

Holistic Counseling helps clients make decisions and clarify their feelings in order to solve problems; provides support and guidance, while helping clients make effective decisions within the overall structure of support. It can involve individuals, couples, families. Holistic counseling addresses each client individually mind, body, and spirit.

This service is only offered by Candy Nicolson. Candy has her Master’s in Clinical Psychology and has been practicing psychotherapist for 30 years.